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Many clubs choose to use the email campaign to send out instructions to the users for their first time logging in. 

Your email campaign will have a template email created, for you to  personalise, and send to your members, with these instructions included. 

Your email uses a dynamic field which will pre-populate the members username, and will provide a link to the member to access a temporary password. 

These temporary passwords will need to be updated upon logging in, as they do expire. 


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Email & SMS Campaign

Reset forgotten Password

  • In a browser go to your website and click the login button
  • Click the 'Forgot Your Password' link. 
  • On the password reset screen, type in your 'Username' and 'Email Address'.
  • Click the 'I'm not a Robot' checkbox and verify the requirements.
  • Click 'Send'.
  • Check your email and follow the instructions to reset your password.  This involves following the link in the email message then entering your 'new password' that you would like to use and then 'confirming' the new password.
  • Click 'Submit'.

You can email all your members using the Email & SMS Campaign. 

This module is linked to all of your members, and also has a campaign linked to your events module, to email everyone who has registered for an event. 

You can view statistics and see how your emails are performing.

More on Email Campaign



Email a Member

Automated Member Emails



  • A Login Report shows the number of times a User has logged in to the Website in a selected date range.  The 'Detail' view will give more specifics as to whether the login was successful or failed.  It will also show if they were logging in from the app or from the web.
  • To view a login report, click on 'Security' and then select Login Report from the left hand menu. 
  • Enter the date range that you would like to view the Login's for.
  • Select
    • Summary: See the names, email and number of times a User has logged in during your selected date range.
    • Detail: See the names, emails, dates and times of each User that has logged in during your selected date range.  See specifics on why a login failed.  If the displayed 'username' is correct then they have not submitted their password correctly.
  • Your results will be listed below.



After saving a News Item, if you have selected "Long News Item" you will be able to then edit the news item and see an additional "Long News Article Content" field.

  • Complete all of the steps of adding a Brief News Item and click the Save & Close button.
  • You will be returned to the News Administration Area where your news item will appear.
  • Click on the Edit button, located to the right of the News Name you wish to make a Long News Item.
  • A News Detail screen will appear with the same information as the Add News Item, however with an additional section at the bottom for the Long News Content.
  • Type in Long News Article Content: type in the additional news into the editor. You can format the new content using the same editor as in the Page Administration Area Refer: Using the Editor
  • Once you have completed the Long News Article Content, click the Save & Close button.
  • You will now be returned to the News Administration Area, where your news item will be displayed as inactive and awaiting approval.

Note: The content you enter for the Brief News field will appear on the Latest News Page as a summary and also in the Display Output.  The Long News Content will only appear on the News Items own page.

Yes. Members can update any of their details when they log in to their membership account. 

When logged in, click my memberships

  • In this area, a member can view their account details, see their current memberships, and also their past membership payments made through the website.
  • The account details can be edited, by clicking on the edit icon next to the field the user wishes to update.
  • The member can view their membership card, and current membership details, by clicking on the drop down arrow on their current membership(s). In this area, the member can also see, and edit all of the details from their membership sign up form.

The most common issue with this, is in the membership settings, not matching the membership details.

To check if this is the issue, you will need to ensure leeway days and reminders are set to same amount, otherwise the members will get the reminder and not be able to renew.

To check the leeway days;

  • Go to membership
  • Click membership levels
  • Click the edit icon. 
  • Check the number of leeway days in the relevant field.

Now you must check the email reminder settings;

  • Go to membership
  • Click settings> Global settings
  • Check the greatest number of days prior to expiration that emails are sent. The leeway days should be no less than the first email reminder. If this is not the case, the leeway days will need to be increased, or the email days decreased.

You can give pages role restrictions so that only a chosen group can access them. 

This can be for certain types of membership, or committee and any role that is set up in your security. 

See Roles for how to create roles, and add users. Membership levels are automatically given roles on signing up, so you will not need to create or allocate membership related roles. 

Once you have the required roles set up, you can restrict the access to a page, by going to Pages in the top menu, and finding the page in the list that you would like to restrict. 

Click on the Roles icon  next to the relevant page. 

You will firstly need to delete the Public role, by clicking on the trash can. Then you can select the role(s) you would like to add to the page from the drop down list. With each selection, click on the save button. 

A user will then need to be logged in with these selected roles to be able to view this page. 

For more information on page roles, see User Roles

Yes! A new product release has made this a possibility, which many users will be happy about.

To register a member for an event, on their behalf, go to Modules> Events and then select Reports and Registration Reports from the left side menu. 

Select the event from the drop down list, and in the top right corner, click on 

You can now either register a new user, or search for an existing user by typing their name into the search field. 

Once you have completed these steps, your member will now be registered for that event. 

If you have selected to send registration emails (in the event registration settings) the member will receive the confirmation via email.

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