Archiving Members


To archive a Member you need to login to the website and have Editor Access of the Membership System. You should only archive a member if they are deceased or no longer associated or wanting to be contacted by the club. 

Archiving a member will do the following things

  • the member will be removed from ALL membership levels
  • all notes and contracts will be kept on their record
  • they will only be visible if you search on the Advanced Member Search and tick "Archived Members"
  • their login account in Security will be deactivated and they will no longer be able to login
  • they will removed from all membership email and SMS lists

To archive a member you will need to

  • Click on Membership in the top navigation bar
  • On the far left in the navigation click on “Members”
  • Search for your member's name in the top right hand side of the screen

  • You can only archive Expired Members so change the top menu selector to "Expired Members", if the search results are too broad. Note: If the member you wish to archive is not expired you will need to first edit their expiry date manually so the date is in the past.

  • To archive a member click on three dot icons located to the far right of the relevant member and select "Archive Member"

  • You will receive a message confirming that you wish to archive the member.

  • Click on the "Archive" button and your member will now be archived. 
  • You can find all archived member by completing an advanced search and selecting "Archived" from the Member Status checkboxes.

Bulk Archiving Members

You can archive several members at one time by

  • Carrying out a search for the type of members you require to archive.
  • Click on the  button at the top of the page - this will select all members
  • Check that all members that are ticked, are members that require archiving (remember, once a member is archived, you cannot recover them)
  • Click the arrow next to the bulk edit button, and click on Archive Members that will appear in a drop down. 
  • Your members will now be archived and will not appear in your membership data unless archived members are specifically searched for.
  • When archiving, the system deletes the username and password, making the username available for others in future.
  • WARNING: You cannot recover a member that has been archived you will need to create a whole new account.